Pinity makes it easy to create and pin memories
to specific locations. Friends can unlock your pins
when they are nearby.
Welcome to Pinity,
the location based photo sharing app!

Pin photos and videos to one exact location.
Friends can unlock your pins when they are nearby!

Easily create and share location specific memories with friends and family.
1. Create a pin
Create a public or private post by taking a photo or video
2. Pin it forever
Pinity will automatically pin your post to the exact location where your memory happened
3. Share with friends
When your friends are near your
post they'll be able to view it
For Adventurers
The world is an amazing place - get out there and explore it! Leave pins for your friends to find, and discover who might be leaving a special message for you. Take a hike or a walk on the beach, explore a city or take in a concert. Drop a pin and encourage your friends to share your experience at that exact location!
For frequent travelers
Imagine if you could pin memories along your road trip, or trip overseas, and your friends could access those memories when they travel to the same place years later... Pinity makes that possible.
For friends and families
Create memories with your friends and families, and years later be able to see those memories from the same location. Pinity makes it possible.
Start pinning memories for free
Pinity is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.